Photoshop cs6 error 16 mac


Tell me if you need me to test others.

Note: I am on Retina computer so it's not going to look great no matter what software I'm using. Also, with almost every app including Apple Apps there are error messages about Bit support ending soon or portions of apps are too old to be used but I have found they mostly have no effect on anything.

Configuration error when starting a Creative Cloud application

Photoshop CS6 functions, but won't save. Error message: photo is open in another app which it is not. Also, app display is not resizable top to bottom but is, side to side. Everything worked well until more recent Mojave betas. Haven't really tested out the rest of the CS suite as don't really use them these days.

As of July Mojave This includes Distiller, mentioned in another answer as unworking. However, these apps are EOL and will not work in Catalina. Even the bit ones rely on bit support processes for licensing, updates, etc. Thank you for your interest in this question.

compatibility - Will older Adobe Applications (CS5/CS6) work with Mojave? - Ask Different

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Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. Active 1 month ago. Viewed 14k times. Allan Allan Depends on App I have tested the following application with basic functionality and ability to open.

Photoshop, Lightroom, Mac, and more

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Awesome work I would love for this to become a canonical answer for future questions inevitable questions about Adobe CS compatibility with Mojave. Allan Thanks and sounds good! Please know I only tested basic functionality. Is that LR 4, 5, or 6?

Fix Adobe Photoshop CS6 Error 16

To update, download and install Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Photoshop CS6 Error Code 1. I reinstalled this product but I received the same error message. I really need your help to remove this annoying error.

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If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support team for help and mention the error code shown at the bottom of the screen. Go To Solution. Best Answer.

Steps to Fix Adobe Photoshop CS6 Error 16:

Make sure to install it correctly and completely. About Graham Mcnatt. Questions 0. Answers Best Answers Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Photoshop CS6 Error Code 1 I would like to offer another option for this problem's solution, You can try and run FIXIT from the link: how to use FIXIT to repair Programs Some time stuff in windows happens that is not supposed to happen and this program helps to find and solve those problems, that might be causing the issues in the first palace.

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photoshop cs6 error 16 mac Photoshop cs6 error 16 mac
photoshop cs6 error 16 mac Photoshop cs6 error 16 mac
photoshop cs6 error 16 mac Photoshop cs6 error 16 mac
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photoshop cs6 error 16 mac Photoshop cs6 error 16 mac
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