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We round up the most popular photo management programs to find the best software for any budget

Instead of being limited to putting all your photos in a single library, PowerPhotos can work with multiple Photos libraries, giving you many more options for how to organize your ever growing photo collection. Splitting your photos between multiple libraries helps Photos open more quickly, lets you archive older photos, store some of your collection on an external hard drive, and reduce storage space used by iCloud Photo Library.

You can split your library by copying albums and photos with a simple drag and drop.

6 Best Photo Editing Applications for Mac in 12222

PowerPhotos will take care of copying the photos and retaining their metadata, including keywords, descriptions, titles, dates, and favorite status. Read more about what PowerPhotos can copy. Got a whole bunch of libraries you want to consolidate into one? First and foremost, besides it being an import tool, it allows users to browse and sort through their files.

It can read embedded location data to pinpoint and map where photos were taken. VieNX-i also supports use with social networking sites and other web services. It comes packaged with a movie editor that makes processing and editing your videos a lot easier. The application also interfaces and works with Capture NX-D which can be used to convert and save raw images as other file types.

XnView is one of the oldest photo viewers and organizers. XnView in its current iteration has seen a lot of attention and critical acclaim. But still, no product is perfect and everything can be improved upon. XnViewMP comes with everything that the original does which includes a hex inspector and a facility to batch rename and edit your files. It also has multilingual for non-English users. Nomacs is another free open source entry on our list. One of the things that makes Nomacs unique is its ability to browse through images in a zip file or Microsoft Office document.

Nomacs is light-weight and user-friendly. It has semi-transparent widgets that show added information such as metadata.

A Simple Trick to ORGANIZE Your Photos on Your Mac

It has an expandable file explorer panel for easier image browsing. The user interface is well organized and its main focus is on the images shown through the application.

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There are versions available for Windows, Linux and Mac. However, Nomacs is actually not very friendly to beginners since the interface is quite simple and not straightforward.

Best Free (or cheap) Photo Editing Software For Mac - Macworld UK

You can easily scroll through large pictures instead of zooming in and out of them. The application provides users with the facility to edit and process images in batch. It also comes with a quick screenshot tool that allows you to quickly edit and save your screen grabs on the fly. Just like many other organizers on this list, this application allows you to interface with social media websites like Facebook so that you can share your images with one click. Apowersoft is a great application with a minimalistic but comprehensive design. It focuses on displaying pictures but it offers a lot more.

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Users can directly work on their photographs with the help of Magix Photo Manager. As we all know that deleting and managing the duplicate photos from the device is essential to maintain the storage space in the best possible manner.

The Artificial Intelligence sensors which is present in this software have good potential to scan all the photographs to find the duplicate photographs. You are only required to give permissions to this photo manager to access the storage and files in your device. Use external drives, desktop computers or even cloud services like Amazon or Google drive to protect your files.

The ability to easily sync and display every photo that I have on my iPhone, iPad, laptop and home PC is a game-changer for how I use and enjoy my photos. What is amazing is how much the Mylio team has gotten right with this Swiss Army knife-like multi-device image organizer, manager, editor, protector, and sharer, right out of the gate.

With Mylio doing all the tedious tasks, we can now bring tons of our photos with us everywhere … Mylio can be revolutionary. It managed to combine the photo organization power of Lightroom with the instant-sync, access-your-stuff-everywhere-all-the-time functionality of Dropbox. Mylio just might have gotten it right where the others have failed. What is Mylio? Mylio is a free app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android that manages all of your photos and files from all of your devices and online services like Facebook and Flickr.

How Mylio works. Add your photos and files to Mylio to organize them automatically using your calendar app.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 12222

View them on any device - with or without the internet. Why use Mylio? Save time and reclaim control of your memories.

photo catalog software for mac Photo catalog software for mac
photo catalog software for mac Photo catalog software for mac
photo catalog software for mac Photo catalog software for mac
photo catalog software for mac Photo catalog software for mac
photo catalog software for mac Photo catalog software for mac

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