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The brand reworked their entire nail line. They also introduced new base and top coats called Underlacquer and Matte Overlacquer, respectively. With the reformulation, MAC added conditioning ingredients like Vitamins C, E and B5 to the formula, along with a bunch of new colors although they did carry over many of the O.

The Nail Transformations, however, are available online now , and coming to stores July 3 also to the permanent line. This first batch features some of the summery colors corals, peaches, pinks , reds and darker creams, for those already in fall mode. So far, so good, in terms of application. Will they last longer than the O. MAC lacquers before chipping?


Stay tuned. Only time will tell…. Let me know which of these catches your eye. Check back a little later for the glitters, frosts and more of the darker shades.

Divya recently posted … Back For Seconds! I like the flat brush much better, too. And I love the look of the new bottles. Glad to hear about the improvements, the top coats were very fun! Erin recently posted … Covey Run Chardonnay Review. Such fun colors! One of my faves.

MAC Mean & Green Nail Polish DUPE ALERT!! SUPER CHEAP!!

Kinda similar to "A good man-darin is hard to find".. A lemony yellow with a little green touch.. Helloooo my loves! These polishes give you loads of space for imagination and creativity! I'm just showing you the colors here and what they look like on one coat, two coats and on top of a white base :.

On top of white, to the left, 1 coat in the middle and 2 coats to the right:. Helloooo theeeeere :D. More swatches.. Spotlight on glitter! This collection is for you! Hellooo ya'll!

Spring is just around the corner.. Sadly, today snow fell from the sky :P.. A very soft pearlescent white with hints of purple in the shimmer. Reminds me a little of "I snow you love me". A very cold toned soft pink with very good opacity!

Zoya Haul Part 2 of 2

Beautiful peachy soft pink. Much warmer in it's tone than "I love applause".. I find that this kind of color has been in almost every collection lately. Really beautiful and I found that the. Now onto some glitters! This glitter has the same kind of white pieces in it as "Lights of emerald city" from the Oz collection!

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But the similarites end there; this is a soft rosy pink with different sized glitters in it. Lovely glitter filled with tons of glitter! Very compact polish with good opacity. Perfect for you who wish to have a glitter-polish on it's own :. LOVE this flakey gold! Two of the fingers are solely with the glitter and two of the nails have "Chillin' like a villain" underneath to show you what if could look like layered on top of a color :. Don't forget to check out my Youtube video showing you live swatches of these color!

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Hello my dearies! I was not able to go to that press release sadly so I ended up not getting that collection cause they ran out of pressamples at that event!


But I got so many request and comments from people saying that: they long for my swatches etc. So I ended up buying a mini-set of 4 of the colors from the So here's a mix of her swatches and mine :. I think this kind of color has been in many collections lately. Not a fave of mine but it's shimmery and subtle. This greyish purple is the only shimmer polish in this entire collection!

LOVE this gorgeous bubblegum, barbie pink This kinda dark teal really fell in my arms It's kinda green, it's kinda blue :.

mac soiree nail polish dupe Mac soiree nail polish dupe
mac soiree nail polish dupe Mac soiree nail polish dupe
mac soiree nail polish dupe Mac soiree nail polish dupe
mac soiree nail polish dupe Mac soiree nail polish dupe
mac soiree nail polish dupe Mac soiree nail polish dupe

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