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I. Record Minecraft PE on iOS

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional and maneuverable video recording program for Windows and Mac, which helps you record not only screen activity and online videos but also audios and gameplays easily with high quality. With it, you'll find it easy to record any Minecraft videos on PC as you like. Now, download this program first by clicking on the above "Try it Free" button.

Then follow the tutorial below step by step to learn how to record Minecraft gameplay on PC. Then launch and run it on your computer.

Choose "Video Recorder" to record Minecraft videos. Of course, if you only need to record the audio track from Minecraft, "Audio Recorder" option can easily meet your requirement. Note: With the free-trial version, you'll be only allowed to record a video for no more than 3 minutes. For longer video recording, please go to its official website to purchase it.

Best Minecraft Screen Recorder to Capture Minecraft Game Video with High Quality

To record Minecraft gameplay on PC with higher quality, you need to turn on "System sound" and turn off "Microphone" which is to avoid noise around you that'll lower the recording quality. If necessary, you are able to customize the recording area during recording. Go to "More Settings" to customize settings for your recording Minecraft gameplay.

In "Output", you can specify the destination folder to save your recorded Minecraft videos or taken screenshots. Press "MP4", you are free to select the output format like MP4, WMV, video codec, frame rate or set audio preferences for your Minecraft gameplay recording.

Best Game Recording Software of 12222

After all the above settings are completed, you need to open Minecraft to play the game and then click on "REC" to start recording. You can take a preview of the recording Minecraft videos and then hit on "Save" to save them. After recording it through the above steps, you'll get the Minecraft gameplay on your PC. Then you can share it with others as freely as you want. You can choose what is preferred towards you, but after the comparison, you'll notice which one is the best choice to record Minecraft videos.

Bandicam is a video recording software which is widely used as a screen recorder or a gameplay recorder. You can then click the little menu to the right of the Record button and choose whether you want to capture audio from your microphone in the video, too.

How to Record Your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone Screen

This will allow you to narrate along with your actions. QuickTime will minimize itself to a small icon on the right side of your menu bar and start recording. Android allows you to record your screen through a few different methods. It has a ton of features, allowing you to control the quality of the video, record your voice, add a watermark, or even record video from your camera as well.

You can read up on both methods here. This tool can record your entire desktop or just a small portion of it. You can live-stream your desktop instead of recording it, too.

The best screen recording software for...

During recording mode, Bandicam keep on displaying frame rating on the screen at top left corner but users can make settings to hide it if not required. No matter whether you want to enjoy live streams, wish to capture screen shots or record high quality videos for your Minecraft game; ShadowPlay can offer you great content quality.

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This software tool can automatically record all videos on background and when your press the hotkey for recording then it saved last 30 seconds of game record to specific memory location. Game DVR is best Xbox App that works on Window 10 platform and offers crisp and high quality video recording facility for games.

Top 4 Best Minecraft Game Recorders For Windows

It can be used to record game videos with p resolution settings as well as p setting. This classic screen recorder tool works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux platform.


OBS is available as an open source tool that is available for free without any restriction. OBS studio offers easy recording, streaming and editing options with its interactive and user friendly interface. This screen recorder tool focuses on Mac environment with high performance service while capturing audios as well and game videos to easy sharing. ScreenFlick is commonly used by professionals foe various video chats, training sessions and for capturing all latest 3D style games.

ScreenFlow offers great recording service for Minecraft with its ability to capture audio from computer, from multi channel type audio devices, external microphone, iOS device and video camera. It is much easier to record minecraft on Android platform with its easy to use tools.

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mac recording software for minecraft Mac recording software for minecraft
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