Is mac tested on animals 2013

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This puts a huge kink in my new found love of the MAC brand. Even just a couple of months ago the last time I had emailed MAC until a couple of weeks ago they had a no animal testing at any point and no use of animal tested ingredients stance. So, here in the US at least, this is very recent.

Because this is a recent change, MAC could just pull their product from whatever country is requiring the testing and go back to selling where it was sold before. Or it could mean they recently added some kind of ingredient that is required to be tested on animals in the countries they already sell in, in which case they could replace that ingredient with something else. Unfortunately the almighty dollar rules over ethics. Selling their products in a coutry with a population over one billion is a great way to like their pockets. There are alternatives however. However it is more cost effective to produce and sell in China so that is what these companies have opted to do.

Urban decay has beautiful formulated products; it is independently owned and has been certified cruelty-free by an independent company. Every purchase we make is a vote for a product and the only way to stop animal testing is to hit them where it hurts. These companies do have other options if they really wanted to stay cruelty free.

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However, just like you pointed out, the dollar often means more. Not at all. They are free to do as they please. In this case, my guess is that it was so they could sell products in China. China is the only place where animal testing is required by law. Like I said before: there are alternatives. Not by my standards. There are lots of different makeup companies out there that will get my money instead. I was a devout MAC supporter and spent probably thousands on their makeup before I heard this. Doing so is simply to have access to more markets to make more money. Especially from a company that used to be so vocal about their stance against animal testing.

This really sucks as Mac was a company that used to get quite a bit of my buisness. Just something to think about. Thanks for posting this information! Oh, trust me, I know that no company or organization is ever as perfect as it claims. I do think that they are a trustworthy source when it comes to checking in on companies being truly cruelty free though.

Not sure if I would put any stock in that claim considering the founder of PETA owns several pets herself. Also this shelters euthanasia rates were not any higher than other shelters in the south where there is an influx of unwanted pets. I worked in a shelter where animals had to be euthanized twice a week to make room for the ever revolving door of new animals being abandones and there was nothing we could do. So true. I think that people hold them to a higher standard. Horrible to read. I thank you, so much, for letting us all know.

Again, thank you, Tashina.

Mac test on animals 2013

I just want to know a company is up front and gives me a trustworthy statement. They used to have an anti-animal testing claim in their FAQ too, but that is now gone. Common sense would lead anyone to believe that. The larger the company is the more likely they are to use crap synthetic ingredients and to test on animals. I started working for GourmetBodyTreats. Smaller cosmetics companies are popping up all the time and I think the quality of the product is WAY higher. Gosh that is very interesting to know and thank you for sharing — it will help me make better decisions in future.

I also am extremely disappointed with Estee Lauder…. MAC does not test on animals. There is no way around that.

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Trust me. Nothing is based off what others may be saying. This post is based on information that I received from MAC.

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  5. The PETA list is just an interesting note, but it is not what this post is based off of. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cruelty-Free Brands at Nordstrom Updated for ! MAC Cosmetics is not cruelty-free. So what can you do? If you are concerned about buying cruelty-free cosmetics, please no longer purchase MAC items.

    Please do a post about their change in testing policies and spread the word to your readers! Promote this post on social networking sites to let your friends know! Let your friends who use MAC know about the change! I urge you to contact MAC yourself and ask them to change their stance on animal testing! Check your inbox for a welcome message! There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Enter Your Email Here.

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    Thursday - March 15, Tashina Combs Hi! Previous Post Next Post. Reply Nono Wednesday - November 6, at pm I did the same thing. Good idea! Reply Zoe Tuesday - February 19, at am This is extremely disappointing! XOXO Good luck friends…. Reply tiffany Monday - January 14, at am This is lame that they changed like. Reply Tessa Sunday - January 6, at am You know what? Reply Jessica Monday - December 31, at am China requires products sold in there country to be tested on animals. This is a cosmetics discussion, not baking. Reply Ana Tuesday - December 11, at am You are reading way too much into who is on what list and who is not on what list.

    Reply Nukapai Monday - December 10, at am The awful truth is this: there are no truly cruelty free cosmetics. Reply Mary Sunday - February 9, at am Needed? Reply jennifer Sunday - November 25, at am apparently estee lauder bought most of mac in the 90s? Reply lydia Wednesday - September 26, at am what a huge disapointment. Reply Jen Saturday - July 14, at pm Great article.

    Reply Ruby Wednesday - June 20, at am Thank you very much for this information. Reply Rakel Friday - April 20, at am Thank you so much for sharing this information with us!

    Understanding China’s Animal Testing Laws

    Sometimes I wonder if they were ever truly cruelty free What was even more hurtful to me was finding out Smashbox is no longer cruelty free! Thanks for letting me vent. Reply katie Saturday - March 24, at pm Peta recently notified supporters that Mary Kay and Avon are no longer cruelty free either. Reply Tashina Friday - March 30, at am I believe that access to the consumer market in China is the reason for the change with MAC, and nearly all other Estee Lauder brands as well.

    Reply Catherine Saturday - March 24, at pm Thank you for this. Reply Catherine Saturday - March 24, at pm I linked your site to the quote. Reply Bere Wednesday - March 21, at pm thank so much for this info.

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