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Not recommended for playing games though. The DirectX support is poor and crash prone. Still a very capable VM client! Try this before cashing out on Fusion ot Parallels Desktop. VirtualBox COM object creation failed. Program will stop.

Also patches some security bugs in previous versions. So far it seems to have fixed a lot of the problems I was having with early version of 5x including buggy and choppy audio play back. Continuing to do tests with various guests.

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Also seems to run quite well on the latest public beta of El Capitan. Installer of Version 5. So requirements unfortunately seem to be "Intel, bit processor, OS X As much as I love snow leopard myself, most things have dropped support in recent years. Sadly, if you wish to keep up with current versions of mac software you need at least lion or mountain lion. Alternatively, you could install Virtualbox or vmware player for free on a windows or linux host.

Mac OS X I find VIrtual Box has served me well for all those years.

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I started using it way back almost from day one when it was just small German company later acquired by Sun and then Oracle. It's not the Rolls Royce or Porsche of the virtualization but I found Virtual Box using minimal resources able to run on any machine. SAP is like this giant tanker compared to this tiny raft. The netbook was running just reasonably OK, it was taxing it's resources, but apparently the 2GB Ram and relatively fast aftermarket SSD was sufficient. I tried the same thing with VMware or Parallels.. It was just horribly slow and buggy.

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So I find VirtualBox major advantage was it is designed as very sleek product. If you have big server and the machines are running mission critical systems, then maybe VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V are absolute must and safer choice as these have more redundancies built in and proper support. But if you run anything else that is not mission critical system or database server for business, then by all means, VirtualBox would be the favourite to consider. One area which could be improved in VirtualBox is the management of virtual machines, maintenance and the documentation.

A lot of things is on different places and for a newbie not easy to understand, so a lot of this requires try-and-see approach. The requirements are wrong. VirtualBox is great for what it is. Occasionally rough around the edges but it works and is a good choice for people whose needs don't warrant a paid product. I have just one or two applications that require Windows and this is a good way to get the job done. It doesn't show up on virtual box. It is legit, if you click download will download the 5. It may not show up there as 5.

Free virtualisation. Whilst VirtualBox doesn't offer the performance or polish of other products I still rate it higher because it's free. All you have to lose is a little time spent setting it up. For the most part VirtualBox works well; it just requires a bit more work than other solutions.

Like 4. I have tried using VirtualBox several times. Sorry for the duplicate post This generally holds true for most other apps as well You'd think after all these years on MacUpdate I'd get used to it, but I haven't. That's a lot of squawking but you offer no details or facts. I use this app everyday and it performs flawlessly with XP, 7 and is doing quite well with Windows 10 Dev.

Maybe you should read the manual, learn how to use it and contain your comments to a specific app instead of implying that MacUpdate users globally give reviews on all apps based on price. You insult a community with comments that you can't back up. Then you double post because you don't know what you are doing. Like 7. Perhaps you read what you wanted to out of my comment, rather than my intentions.

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I didn't say VirtualBox would not do what it's supposed to do, I said it doesn't hold a candle to the other two. For clarity I should have stated the differences, which you may not have noticed unless you also have used Parallels. VirtualBox does not support popular gestures. VirtualBox does not do well with games I'm not a gamer, so I don't care. Inferior vendor support The biggest drawback to using VirtualBox on a Mac is the substantial amount of fiddling needed to get your virtual machine to run the way you want.

I'm a retired geek and developer so I do understand these things and I could have fiddled to my heart's content, but I didn't want to. Creating a virtual hard disk, enabling switches, and configuring the driver packages — all require some intermediate or advanced computer skills. Not a great choice for the average user. Another substantial downside is its limited graphics capability.

There appears to be some OpenGL support, but that is not officially or fully supported yet. PCMark 7 Benchmarks will also tell a performance story you may not want to hear, and I certainly didn't invent these. In seven categories Parallels was rated much higher than VirtualBox.

In two of those categories VirtualBox fared a little better, but it still lost. Performance in the OS was the critical category where VirtualBox was way behind. So if performance at the speed of the actual OS is not important to you, then I guess this means nothing. To me, performance is very important. I would agree that VirtualBox works OK for web surfing, email and very light office document work.

But in my own comparison tests against Parallels, having to move in and out of Windows from Mac several times a day, have a true coherence mode in which I felt like I was actually using Windows, Parallels was much better. I understand when someone truly loves an app there is nothing anyone can say to change their opinion, and I do respect that.

I've been using MacUpdate for about 12 years and though I thoroughly appreciate the many comparisons and comments, I always factor in the ones regarding free apps. Virtual Box's strength is it's value and that's something that's hard to criticize as what's value to you isn't necessarily what value to me or others. I use Parallels but they are ruthless in regards to upgrades e. I saw no insults to the community, as you put it.

Finally, if you want "credibility" you probably should either learn to spell or use spell check. CGC Never said it was the best option, you do read english right? Also for larrymcj to make the statement that free apps get better ratings is an insult to the community. The majority of reviews here are legit and based on actual use and fact, not price. Finally a small mind like yours would think a typo has something to do with credibility. I've decided on fusion because it seems t have the best support for virtualizing os x, and that is what people have said is one of VMware's major strengths.

I'm not a gamer by nature, but I do like to play some old games time to time. Most of the games I'd play are games like kings quest or the like, and they actually run best in DOSbox which is also free, and runs best for dos based stuff, even better then the commercial VM software packages.

Virtualbox is nice because it's cross platform and quick and easy just to slap together a test vm and be done with if, If i want to use a VM long term, I'd chose VMware, because it's also cross platform, and offers more features. I've stated this a while back, but I'll say it again, since new people read the comments everyday. I switched to OS X from classic years ago with the soul purpose of learning unix in a mac friendly environment. I really like what OS X brought to the table as far as the best of both worlds, but with at said.

How to Run Mac OS X 10.6 on VirtualBox

Apple isn't everything anymore, and If i had to make the choice to change platforms now, I could do it much easier now be it linux, be it freeBSD, be it windows. Virtualization makes it easier to learn a new platform with a familiar platform as a host, so when the host is, or needs to be the virtualized os , the transition is much easier. As far as Parallels vs VMware benchmarks, I haven't used PD in years, but all current Macs in the last couple years have SSDs and for me at least fusion runs very fast, and I haven't had any graphics complaints in guests with good support. Surely the rating has to be given on the merit of the app being rated rather than the merits of others?

VBox does everything it claims to do and is free for personal use yes, there is a commercial support option.

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How would that not be worth a high rating? Some four star hotels are much better than others but still get the same rating i. If Fusions and Parallels floats your boat then buy them and give them high ratings but complaining that users of another product shouldn't give theirs' a higher rating is just fandom. Should I know about a patch. Yes, our group is running Snow Leopard Works great for my application.

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