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Black and white pattern frame border vector. European gorgeous frame vector. Baby photo frame vector. Light frame composed of vector 3. Light frame composed of vector 2. Light frame composed of vector 4.

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Certificate template elegant seamless symmetric frame retro design. European frame template symmetric lions sketch. Frame and border design with colorful shaped background. European frame template elegant dark classical symmetric decor.

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Frame template classic european design elegant symmetric. Frame template flat elegant symmetric classic dark decor. Decorative background vintage symmetric seamless frame circle decor. Certificate template black white sketch classical seamless border. Border design element vintage.

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Certificate design with classical border in violet background. Autumn banner birds leaf border decoration. Signboards border templates colorful decor flat geometric shapes. Document decorative layout repeating symmetric border dark design. Black tshirt design love words decoration rectangular frame.

Badge frame template classical curved design. New year banner yellow classical frame decoration calligraphic design. Click on Align Top. This will align all the coffee cups at the top of the page border. This will spread the coffee cups out evenly across the page. Repeat this process to insert more copies of the picture and spread them around the bottom and sides, using Draw Align or Distribute Distribute Vertically for the ones on the sides. Note that when you are using Align Left and Align Right , Word will align the pictures with the farthest left or right picture, so make sure that none of the pictures overlaps the left or right page border.

When you have completed your borders, select all the pictures at once and group them Draw Group. Once you have grouped all the objects in your border, you can save it as an AutoText entry. The final step is to remove the temporary page border you used to help you align the pictures. Changes for Word and above Inserting a clip art border can be accomplished in much the same way in Word , , , and Begin by accessing the header; in Word and above you can do this just by double-clicking in the header area.

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Click Clip Art in the Insert group. This will open the Clip Art task pane, from which you can insert the picture as described above. When you insert the picture, the contextual Picture Tools will be displayed, and all the controls you need to size the clip art, change the wrapping, and position it are found on this Ribbon tab. Creating a border from an individual clip art picture is a little more complicated. Because of changes in the graphics engine and drawing tools, the Distribute command is not available for "pictures" including clip art unless you use a drawing canvas, which adds an extra step.

Try a variety of effects, filters and adjustments to make your own distinct style.

First insert your page border outline: go to Page Layout Page Background Page Borders and format the page border as described in step 2 above. Now you have to insert a drawing canvas in the header. Double-click in the header area to access the header. Then select the Insert tab and click on Shapes in the Illustrations group. New Drawing Canvas is at the bottom of the Shapes gallery. Stretch the canvas to the size of the temporary page border and give it Behind Text wrapping. You can then insert your clip art picture, duplicate it, and use the Align and Distribute commands as described above.

Note: I am told that once you have completed the border and grouped the pictures, you can drag the whole thing off the drawing canvas and onto the page, then delete the drawing canvas.

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Good luck with that! Also, as with the individual clip art, you will be unable to get out of the header except by using the Close Header and Footer button; double-clicking in the document body area doesn't work.

Another approach is available to you if you have Microsoft Publisher installed:. Create a custom border in Publisher using your chosen clip art picture.


Although you don't have as much control over spacing, this is a lot quicker! Insert a text box of the desired size this may take some trial and error and apply the custom border to it. Then select the text box, right-click, and choose Save as Picture. The selected object will be saved as a GIF file; the default resolution is 96 dpi, suitable for Web use; you will want to click Change Give your picture a name such as Coffee Border.

How can I create a custom page border?

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  • Using a clip art border Using an individual clip art picture Note: This article was written for Word and earlier. Some, such as this one, are complete borders: Some are corner pieces that can be rotated and combined into a complete border: Some are straight-line pieces that would have to be repeated and pasted together to make a border: Using any of these requires a certain amount of knowledge of how to deal with clip art, but the main part of the secret to making a page border is to understand that the art must be anchored to the header in order to be behind the text and repeat on every page.

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