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If you really need Java, you can re-enable it at your own risk. However, you should know that it is an unsafe version that can get your system compromised. I would recommend enabling it only when necessary and keeping it disabled the rest of the time.

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You can use it, at your own risk. You should be able to enable the plugin in the Add-ons Manager. If you really need Java you can re-enable it at your own risk. As of May 23, , Firefox 12 is blocking Java 6 update 32 across all the workstations on my network. According to Oracle, 6u32 is up-to-date and not in any way vulnerable. Due to compatibility issues, we have absolutely no plans to deploy Java 7 at this time.

Can you give us the Java plugin information you see in about:plugins? Jay, I feel your pain…. FF and Sun Java have combined to make me waste almost two full days trying to get them to play nice together…. Upgraded from FF 3. As is every time I tried, despite disabling various Java options. Wiped the drive of V7. Used a registry tweaker to find all messed up reg entries, ones I may have missed in my manual search. Rebooted again. This is insanity at it's worst!

OS X 10.5, 10.6 get Java updates

Oh, forgot to mention one thing — after checking to make sure the req'd plug-ins and extensions were there for Java to run properly, I noticed the. Which my version is decidedly NOT. You say my installed Java RE is unsafe and disable it, and that Apple has an upgrade. There is no Java upgrade available when I look at Software Update.

Which version of the Java plugin do you have now? Can you paste your details from about:plugins without the MIME type stuff? According to the JAVA control panel, applet plugins are activated. Until yesterday, everything worked fine with Firefox. Are you kidding me? I have exactly the same issue.

Installing and configuring Java on Mac

The above replies seem to indicate that I should be able to enable Java in the plugins section of the add-ons manager, but there is nothing related to Java listed in the plug-ins. Java now shows up among my plugins, and is enabled by default. The failure of pluginreg. Also wanted to say thanks; stopping FireFox, deleting pluginreg. Thanks so much for posting this. FireFox Thank you for this information. I have been pulling my hair out for days every since I updated Java on my Mac to 1.

Deleting the file fixed it for me.

How to Install Legacy Java 6

Wonder if some regex somewhere has an error in it? I did a software update but it says there are no updates available at all, including Java… and what do I do? Unfortunately, You might want to try downloading Java from java. They could have a I have a fairly new Mac Book Pro and have been using Java for a games site. I am pretty certain that the installation is headless as the full one would require the native UI bindings. Might be worth trying java -Djava.

Just guessing! Reactions: Lastic. Reactions: G4fanboy and backyardvoodoo.

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I can see that you've got Ruby 2. G4fanboy macrumors Mar 9, Andalucia Spain. G4fanboy said:.

Reactions: G4fanboy. Lastic said:. Anything that runs from a jar file and needs Java 1.

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  4. Jan 4, 40 Guess I shouldn't have spent my time getting Java 1. Apr 14, Jubadub macrumors regular. Nov 1, Indeed, following the steps from the first post allowed me to get OpenJDK 7 installed and to be reported with "java -version" on the Terminal For that, I say many thanks!

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    But, just like following these steps for JavaSE 6 dp6 on Leopard, it doesn't work for many apps, if not most apps. Trying to run those programs with something like "java -Djava. Namely, I'm trying to run JDownloader 2 intended for Neither can detect that something above Java 1. Both of those two versions of JDownloader 2. But on Leopard, neither that nor OpenJDK 7 get that level of detection, as if there's more yet to be done to fully install things editing some.

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