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Works very well, but is strictly text-based though the database can be encrypted. Perhaps these problems are solved, but I would never again trust my notes to a program of a company whose testing phase fails to identify problems that may cause serious data loss. Yojimbo 95 votes, 3. And anything you put in can be exported at any time.

I still use version 3 as I only have one Mac, so I never tested their subscription sync service.

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I have the iPad version, too. I wish there were one for the iPhone. Yojimbo is very stable, and is backed by the folks who created BBEdit. Notational Velocity 92 votes, 3.

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The database is compressed and encrypted before being written to disk, saving is done automatically, and the app is designed to be usable entirely from the keyboard. Pal Borsting, who previous used both NoteBook and Evernote, explains why those who have used it like it. It has two major strengths that sets it apart for me. First search is lightning fast and I find what I am looking for.

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Second, entering new notes is also very fast. It is text-only which I like. Notability 71 votes, 3. VoodooPad 61 votes, 3. EagleFiler 58 votes, 3. SOHO Notes 44 votes, 2. Curio 39 votes, 3. Tinderbox 34 votes, 3. Notebooks 33 votes, 2. Together 29 votes, 2. Growly Notes 18 votes, 2. NoteTaker 16 votes, 3. Outline 15 votes, 2.

TopXNotes 12 votes, 2. Yep 10 votes, 3. Tree 9 votes, 3.

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  • Cudgel 4 votes, 2. Versatil Markdown 3 votes, 3. NeO 1 vote, 4. Thank you very, very much. Extremely helpful. At least in my grade book. Maybe two years.

    DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.3 (Mac OS X)

    Like the web clipping and some other features but it has some flaws and I too am concerned about "a way out" if needed. I missed the survey but the results don't surprise me. I only use a subset of the features but I've been very satisfied with the stability and power of the app if not the sometimes overcomplicated user interface.

    Note: nvALT developer Brett Terpstra is working on a paid replacement for the app that doesn't use open source code from Notational Velocity.

    On his blog in September he wrote,. One that we could charge money for.

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    Hopefully the eventual update will retain what people like about nvALT and bring the app back into regular maintenance. And it syncs seamlessly with Simplenote online. I wouldn't write it off if you want to sync text notes and have a blindingly fast search interface. The problem, IMO, with most of these solutions is that you're locked in with the solution. Transferring from one solution to another is painful and you often loose something in the process.

    I've used Yojimbo for a long time, but it failed to be updated in time and then it didn't have an iOS version meaning I couldn't have access to my notes on the go. It now has paid iPad support but didn't at the time, so I switched to Together, then to Evernotes, etc.

    Each switch is a pain. I stopped using Evernotes because I became slow to load and access my data.

    DEVONthink Pro 3.0.1 Multilingual macOS

    I now use a system entirely based on text files that reside in a DropBox folder. This method is future-proof but of course it lacks images and things like that although I use markdown and place the images in the same folder and it works well. BTW, Brett has said that he'll make a new paid version of nvAlt.

    I am still wondering why MacJournal is not on the list. I have been using Macjournal for years and keep both PDF's, web pages and secure and normal notes in it. It captures about everything and has an accompanying iPhone app. I have not had public updates for a while although a number of betaversions have shipped , and the programmer is very active when asking for help.

    The reason was that when I researched MacJournal, it was clear that it was intended as journaling software, not as a personal information manager. I'm sure it could be used to hold notes and other information, but if the company isn't marketing it as such, my suspicion is that users will at some point discover the need for a common feature in personal information management software, but requests for that feature will be deemed out of scope quite reasonably by the developer.

    We already had 36 apps, and if I added in journaling software, the list would have grown even larger and more unwieldy. But again, I'm not saying it's bad or can't be used as a personal information manager; just that the developer doesn't market it for that use. I have two major Notebooks in CircusPonies Notebook. One is password protected, the other is not.

    Which of the alternatives provides this feature? To open the database you now need to mount the disk image and enter the password you used to create it. I wish I could get Focal Point running on Supercard. THAT was a great personal information manager. This was a wonderful survey and article, but I hope you continue to mine this vein a bit longer.

    How about more personal articles by interested TidBITS writers talking in more depth about what combinations of apps they use in what ways for personal information management? So often, the issue isn't really which single app in a predefined category is the best one, but rather how to use a number of apps for different types of information in a sensible way. Or maybe the secret really is to choose one really good app and bend it to your will, using it for everything.

    Devonthink Pro Office Serial Number - artsxsonar

    In any case, I feel thinking about these kinds of issues in a sensible way is a skill that is at least partially teachable, and I would value some expert advice. It's an interesting question. What I can't quite wrap my head around is whether or not there are any generalizable lessons to take away. The feature sets of these apps are simultaneously so similar so it looks like any app will do roughly whatever anyone could want and so different so any one may not have the one feature that is absolutely essential for a particular user that I fear that whatever we write wouldn't be very useful to anyone.

    With the number of files inhabiting my machine, managing them with the Finder in folder hierarchies is quickly becoming a hassle. Not really. So I did some research, looking for apps that would help me manage my collection of data easily and efficiently. I found lots of apps that let you take notes which is much better than keeping your notes in individual files , embed numerous types of files and search and tag your data.

    Yep and Leap are actually two separate apps. The reason I mentiond them here together, is that, firstly, they work great together and, secondly, they are actually very similar in what they do. Leap indexes all the files in your Home folder and initially adds tags based on existing metadata, the file name, its date and the folder it resides in.

    You can also limit the search to certain file types e. PDFs, bookmarks or image files. Yep is an indexing and tagging application that is specialized on PDF files. On launch, Yep scans your hard drive for PDF documents and tags them similarly to Leap based on the folder they are located in, the file name and any existing Spotlight comments.

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