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Type The appropriate protocol to use. Virtual Machine Port The port number to use for requests on the specified virtual machine. A port-forwarding configuration appears in the list of networks. Where VirtualNetworkInterfaceName is a placeholder for the name of the virtual network interface, such as vmnet2, and IPv6Prefix is a placeholder for the IPv6 prefix, which has a format such as xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx Leave the text box blank to allow an IPv6 prefix to generate automatically.

  1. Insight and highlights from the VMware Fusion Team for running Windows on your Mac!
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A port number available on the Mac host. Accept the Vista default option. Next, enter the serial key that was provided to you by Microsoft, and paste it into the Windows Product Key entry in Windows Easy Install. At this point, you should see your final configuration setup, with 1 GB of RAM assigned, and a virtual hard disk that will expand up to 40GB but will start much smaller.

Insight and highlights from the VMware Fusion Team for running Windows on your Mac

While the Windows 7 Release Candidate works well in our limited testing so far, it is not a supported configuration today, so there could be bugs you encounter until we have full support in a future VMware Fusion release with the final shipping Windows 7 software. One of the most used VMware Fusion features is Unity 2. Works great. I am thinking that what is Windows for? Now I understand that we run Windows to install Antivirus software!

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Chris, Aero is LOT of work and a whole new graphics architecture. Terry — Have to recommend AV if you are using features like Mirrored Folders, or people could get into trouble. Good Question, James — I am wondering the same thing. Hi — Just tried the instructions above and also installed all bootcamp x64 frivers. The folder shows up in Windows explorer, and I can browse the contents that way. I can also play videos off of the drive in Windows Media player.

So far, so good. OK so in answer to my own post, I am sure there is an easy way to do this by changing a config file but the problem seems to be becausde I installed form a hard disk image, the V Followed your previous guide and installed the beta, thanks for this next guide for the RC.

It is so far even easier this time round. I followed the instructions above but cannot seem to get the aero experience enabled. I ran the windows experience index but only get a 1. Any ideas? As a followup to my question, the issue definitely has something to do with the way that Windows Media Center sees the VMWare shared folder. From the Mac, I created a samba share for the video directory on the firewire drive, and that works fine. Media Center recognized all of the files and a few minutes later, I was streaming them to the Pretty slick!

I would have liked to use the VMWare shared folder, but the samba approach will work. I have a new macpro 2.

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Please request support and include the contents of the log file and core file. Anyone have any suggestions? Do I need a purchased copy of Vista to make it work? Thanks John. I downloaded the trial version of Parallels, and the bootcamp partition works fine there, so I am assuming it must be a current incompatibility between Fusion 2. Have you had this issue reported already? Aluminum MBP — 4gb ram, 1gb and 1proc assigned to win7 rc. I am routinely seeing the alert that there is no internet access.

I recommend going into the VMware Fusion Forums and posting the details. I will forward this into the team for future consideration.

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Networking should work just fine and IE is zippy in all our tests. We have had to make no changes for Windows 7 so far, it follows the Vista model. Have you tried moving to bridged networking from NAT and does that work better for you?

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I tried installing Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro using Fusion 2. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have the same issue as Brad, and have been unable to find an answer anywhere.

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  • If it helps, I have the bit release candidate. Installing on an iMac within VMware Fusion 2.

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    Thanks, Mark. It was a newly created Vista 32bit VM. Love the performance — so much faster than Vista. I previously was Bootcamping Windows 7 Beta, and it looks like the vmx and vmdk that Fusion had prepared for that installation did not like booting the Windows 7 RC.

    Thanks for the guide! A few notes from my experience: 1 Disabling 3D acceleration makes things go much more smoothly. The system is much more responsive, and there are fewer none visual artefacts. Changing to using only a single one ironed out most of the problems, although there is still a bit of distortion now and then.

    Installed W7 RC on my 1. I also have a W2K VM on the same machine. I installed it as Vista and it works fine, although pokier than W2K, naturally. I was able to cure a few red Xs in the Event Log by turning on a few services that I assume were supposed to be on.

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    All in all, an interesting experiment. The version I downloaded, when you first put the disk in had a square box-style status bar, whereas the correct version which my boss downloaded independently of me has the solid bar as seen in Vista et al. The install is running beside me on my Mac and seems happy as Larry. If anyone else notices this please pass this on. My post vanished from yesterday!

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    Everything else is working fine. Can you fix it by just installing the bit version instead? Hey, does anyone have 3D working? I need DirectX9 for my layout software. Could anyone help? The performance difference Fusion 2. Also, how come Win7 and Vista can see the network if I leave it in NAT mode, but changing it to pass-through means nothing works?

    I am just wondering if I should be running the 32bit or the 64bit version of the software. Sorry about the newb question, just wanting to get my set-up right. My computer details are as follows: Mac OS X I have some serious lag just moving the windows around in previous virtual machine installations.

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