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How to batch rename files on Mac

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Open in work mode Do you keep all your work in a specific folder? Read the file names If you are working in a Finder window in Column view, you may not be able to read the file names completely. Send us an email b.

Anonymous form close x. To rename several files of the same kind on your Mac at once, follow the steps below. In our example we're going to be batch renaming some photos. Open a Finder window and locate the files you want to rename.

Three ways to rename a file in OS X

Drag a selection box over the files with your mouse or hold the Shift key and click them one by one. Click the Action button in the Finder toolbar. Alternatively, right-click or Ctrl-click one of the selected files in the Finder window. Select Rename [XX] Items in the menu. Select Format from the first dropdown menu in the Rename Finder Items panel. In the next dropdown, select a Name format. Enter a common name for your files in the Custom Format field.

How to Show Filename Extensions on Mac Running macOS Sierra

Enter a starting number for the file series in the Start numbers at field. Note that if you selected a number format, you can use the Where dropdown to choose whether the sequential numbers appear before or after the common name of your files. Make sure you're happy with the preview example at the bottom of the Rename panel, then click Rename. The selected files will now be renamed with your chosen nomenclature.

100 Tips #36: How To Rename Files Or Folders

How to Add Text to Existing File Names Finder's renaming tool also lets you add supplementary text to filenames without changing their original titles. Simply select the files whose names you want to adjust and bring up the Rename Finder Items panel as described above, only select Add Text from the from the first dropdown instead. Then just type in the additional text in the input field.

ARCHIVED: In Mac OS, why can't I change the name of a hard drive, folder, or volume?

How to Search and Replace Text in File Names Finder also allows you to rename only certain files whose names include a certain piece of identifying text. This is particularly convenient if you have tens or hundreds of files in a folder with different names and you only want to change those files that contain a particular word.

Select all the files in a folder make sure they're all of the same kind, or this won't work , bring up the Rename Finder Items panel in the same way as before, but this time select Replace Text in the first dropdown. Now simply type the identifying text you want to replace into the Find field, and enter the text you want to replace it with in the Replace With field, then click Rename.

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This looks good too; better in some ways, but worse in others. Big Ron. So what, this is a Mac forum. This is to create a temporary backup copy of your old Library folder in case of a mistake in step 3. Optional but recommended: perform a full Cache Cleaning if you have previously installed a tool which can perform Cache Cleaning. Restart your Mac. Log in to your account, for example johnsmith per the example in step 2.

Five Ways To Rename Files On a Mac (#1431)

When you are sure that your account is again operating normally: Trash the Library folder on your desktop, which was created in step 4.

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